Yasha Virtual Solutions,LLC

Q. What is Yasha Virtual Solutions, LLC?

A. Yasha Virtual Solutions is a Business Process outsourcing Company.

Q. How many hours can I work?

A. Through your VSC you can work as many hours as you desire.  However, there is a minimum of 15 to 20 hours per week required under the terms of the Statement of Work (SOW) on client applications.

Q. How long will it take before I can start earning money?

A. The admissions process can be completed in a s little as seven days!  Certification courses are required to service a particular client can take several weeks to complete.  Once completed and certified you can start earning money.

Q. If I move to another state can I still work from home and service clients?

A. You may continue to provide service as long as you are located within the United States (except for Hawaii) and have access to broadband internet connectivity

Q. How much can I make per hour with your company?

A. Pay varies depending on the project you choose to work with but most contractors average anywhere from $8 to $14 an hour.

Q. What kind of projects are available?

A. There are various projects available for some of the best companies out there.  Projects are mostly inbound customer service or sales calls, though there are some that have email and chat opportunities as well.

Q. Will I be an employee with your VSC?

A. No you will not be an employee, you will be an independent contractor and will be responsible for your own taxes.  You will receive a 1099 for  your payments

Q. What  fee’s does Yasha Virtual Solutions charge?

A. Yasha Virtual Solution will take 10% of whatever you make to cover monthly fee’s.

Q. When do we get paid?

A. You will be paid twice a month on the 1ST and 15TH UNLESS THESE DATE FALLS ON A HOLIDAY OR WEEKEND  

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